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Since our creation in 1986, one of the objectives of our company has been to constantly renew and upgrade our installations and equipment in order for quality to be our banner from beginning to end, not just in our products.

In its installations Trasacar has the latest technology by means of an automatic and computerised system for water changing at a constant temperature of 4ºC during the cod desalting procedure, the purpose being to at all times maintain the regularity and the precise level of salt, in this way offering a tasty delicacy.

Remaining faithful to our premises regarding quality, in Trasacar hemos conseguido we have managed to market the Gadus Morhua variety, presenting the flavour and laminar texture of real cod from the Northern seas.

The Gadus Morhua variety found in the North Atlantic, where its capture mainly takes places in spring, are migratory fish looking for their spawning places often following the large schools of "malotos"; a kind of small Arctic salmon cod feeds on. They live far from the coast, in deep and cold water, therefore purer water; this fish can measure up to 180 cm and weigh 70 kg.

The largest spawning areas are found in the North Sea, the Arctic Ocean and the Barents Sea which, together with the Lofoten Archipelago (mountainous islands located in front of the Norwegian coast), are their greatest fishing centres.

Our experts study the cod according to its colour: grey, brown, green, red... indicating not so much the quality but the depth habitat of the cod.

The cod best considered is that caught in an old fashioned manner, by means of long-line fishing, without trawling, causing the least damage possible and therefore appreciating the greater quality at the table.

Due to all this, Trasacar manages to deliver to the tables of the best restaurants in the country, the best desalted cod with its optimum salt content.

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Desalted cod fillet Desalted cod fillet
Desalted cod slice
Desalted cod slice
Desalted cod extra sirloin
Desalted cod extra sirloin
Desalted cod crumbs
Desalted cod crumbs
Desalted cod barbels 
Desalted cod barbels
Cod innards in brine Cod innards in brine

Salty cod sheetSalty cod sheet

Quality Above All

Trasacar has performed the greatest effort to achieve the presentation of a large variety of cuts offering the greatest use, all thanks to its modern desalting and packaging installations, allowing us to attend the proposals and needs of top level catering and specialised shops with the best hygiene, quality and service guarantees.

Our Luxury Cod

Our cod cuts

  • Desalted cod fillet
  • Desalted cod slice
  • Desalted cod extra sirloin
  • Desalted cod crumbs
  • Desalted cod barbels
  • Cod innards in brine
  • Salty cod sheet

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