Quality Trasacar


Trasacar also has its continuous improvement as one of its main commitments, using as a basic tool the quality objectives set and reviewed yearly by the organisation and directly aimed towards fully satisfying our clients and the quality of our products.

Furthermore, in order to perform all our activities we understand that good work comes from forcefully complying with all the requirements affecting us, both legally or regarding clients, deriving from our activity or from belonging to other organisations of which we are a part, together with the review of quality systems to ensure their efficiency and adequacy with regard to the Organisation.

One of the irrefutable tests with regard to the quality of our products is their great acceptance in the different Spanish autonomous communities that we supply.


In Trasacar we have a modern fleet of refrigerated vehicles for the goods to be delivered to our clients in optimum conditions.

We have new, modern and large conservation and maturing chambers, with a controlled temperature system to maintain both this and the humidity constant for these types of meat for approximately twenty days, in order to achieve the appropriate maturing and, therefore, its greater tenderness.

We dedicate our efforts towards our progress where this is possible. With this purpose, that of improving the service to our clients and of attending an ever-increasing demand, we have extended our installations, to continue offering the meats of greatest culinary prestige in the market in the most efficient manner possible as "The service must at the level of the product".

Quality Above All

"At Trasacar we seek the maximum satisfaction of our clients by offering quality and service 52 weeks a year"

Sr. Ceferino Trabadelo
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)