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The beef cattle we seek belongs to breeds with a high milk production, such as the Friesian breed, the minimum age required being 6 years old and, regarding feeding, this must contain a vegetable foodstuff combination made up by the pastures of the Region and natural fodder with a mixture of cereals always without hormones or animal additives that stimulate their growth, paying special attention after their last delivery, period in which the animal must be very well fed.

Traceability guarantees the quality of the product from its origin to its destination, undergoing extremely exhaustive sanitary controls and administrating each cow the necessary medicines at each point in time to care for the health of the cattle.

Once the animal is sacrificed and cut up, it is extremely advisable to mature the meat for 21 to 25 days with the purpose of breaking up its fibres and making it a meat that is particularly tender, a process we carry out in our cold chambers at 4ºC and at a constant humidity level.

Our Ox Ham

The true secret of this product lies in the selection of the raw material at origin, with which we ensure and guarantee the same quality of the product all year round.

Once we obtain the rump steak, the round and the hind shank of the cow, we perform a purely handcrafted curing process in a dry climate and with little humidity, made up of profiling, salting, washing, settling and drying in a cellar for a period of 16-18 months.

Galería Nuestras Carnes
Ox Ham Ox Ham
Ox Rib eye 5 ribs Ox Rib eye 5 ribs
Ox SirloinOx Sirloin
Entrecote de vacuno fresco sin hueso Ox Rib eye 8 ribs
Ox Strip lon bone in 8 ribsOx Strip lon bone in 8 ribs
Ox TenderloinOx Tenderloin
Ox tail Ox tail
Ox Rump Tail Ox Rump Tail
Ox Rump Ox Rump
Ox Rump CapOx Rump Cap
Ox Shawkmeat Ox Shawkmeat
Angus Black Short Rib Angus Black Short Rib

Angus Black Rib eye 5 ribsAngus Black Rib eye 5 ribs
Young Bull Strip loin bone-in 8 ribs whith filety solomillo Young Bull Strip loin bone-in 8 ribs whith filet
Young Bull Strip loin bone-out 8 ribs< Young Bull Strip loin bone-out 8 ribs
Young Bull TopsideYoung Bull Topside
Young Bull Tenderloin<Young Bull Tenderloin
Young Bull CheeksYoung Bull Cheeks

Quality Above All

"From every 100 heads of cattle sacrificed only 8 or 9 are valid for the Trasacar brand".

""These cattle come so special, whether male or female, he always called ox".".

Sr. Ceferino Trabadelo
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

At Trasacar there are qualified persons from the most prestigious livestock farms across Europe, where an exhaustive selection of beef cattle is made. This is why we are in a position to offer a wide range of great quality cuts guaranteed to have no variations in a personalised manner.

Our Luxury Meats

Selected Mature Beef Cuts

  • Ox Ham
  • Rib eye 5 ribs
  • Sirloin
  • Rib eye 8 ribs
  • Strip loin bone in 8 ribs
  • Tenderloin
  • Ox Tail
  • Rump tail
  • Rump
  • Rump Cap
  • Shawkmeat

Selected Angus Black Cuts

  • Short rib
  • Rib eye 5 ribs

Selected young bull cuts

  • Strip loin bone-in 8 ribs whith filet
  • Strip loin bone-out 8 ribs
  • Topside
  • Tenderloin
  • Cheeks

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