Luxury Preserved


Trasacar preserves provide the possibility of enjoying many collected and prepared foodstuffs anywhere and all year round.

So as to enjoy these foodstuffs without the time of year, their place of origin or the degree of conservation of the products being a problem, our preserves have all the guarantees regarding quality, essence, flavour, aroma and cleanliness.

Trasacar preserves will always captivate us, especially those prepared in a traditional manner with natural products, without preservatives or artificial colouring. At Trasacar we continue in our effort to discover new products that are special and to offer them to our clients.

Galería Nuestras Conservas de Lujo
White tuna in olive oil White tuna in olive oil
Tuna belly Tuna belly
Sea Urchin CaviaSea Urchin Cavia
Perdiz en escabeche Perdiz en escabeche

Extra “piquillo” pepper
Extra “piquillo” pepper

Quality Above All

"In Trasacar continue in our efforts to discover new products and special offer to our clients."

Sr. Ceferino Trabadelo
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Our Luxury Preserved

  • White tuna in olive oil
  • Tuna belly
  • Sea Urchin Cavia
  • Anchovies
  • Extra “piquillo” pepper
  • Asparagus
  • Perdiz en escabeche

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