Trasacar is an Asturian company with a history of over 25 years whose commercial activity has developed within the framework of the most exclusive foodstuffs, offering its service to top notch catering at a national level.

To maintain the characteristics of an outstanding product up until the moment of consumption it is essential to have installations that are technically faultless. In Trasacar the sanitary controls in compliance with the EEC regulations are supplemented by fortnightly analysis of all our installations, performed at our own request by specialised companies

A looked-after individual selection of the pieces involves a continuous effort to reach the quality profile we have always sought in order to satisfy the demands of our clients, these undoubtedly being the best reference and constituting the best encouragement and guarantee regarding the performance of Trasacar.

TrasacarHuman Team

The work synchronisation of a team made up by 50 persons translates into the perfect synergy between all staff members, whose maxim is providing the best service to the client, based on a personalised treatment.

An efficient service

From the painstaking individual selection for each of our clients, taking into account their likes and preferences, to our distribution system in Spain via weekly routes, all together with permanent delivery of goods within a maximum period of 48 hours anywhere throughout the entire national territory.

Quality Above All

"Our clients are very demanding, leading the quality of our goods to be our raison d'etre".

Sr. Ceferino Trabadelo
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

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