Trasacar brings to the table the best restaurants in the national territory, the best desalted cod in its optimum salt.


Our cod is caught near the coasts of Iceland and belongs to the variety, which is called in Latin “Gadus Morhua”. This variety is one of the 60 species of a migratory fish family that lives in the cold seas of the North Atlantic Ocean such as the Barents Sea.

Authentic Gadus Morhua

It has a laminar taste and texture typical of the authentic cod of the northern seas. In Trasacar we only acquire the “class A” which means that the captured specimens do not have any physical deterioration in their flesh or in their skin that has been caused by fishing or in their subsequent period of manipulation and we only process fresh cod that is never freeze

Sustainable fishing

In Iceland, fishing is one of the fundamental pillars of its economy and therefore they practice responsible fishing in their fishing grounds, where the limitation of the catches is fundamental in their fishing management system, the interest shown by their government also becomes vital. for the protection of the marine ecosystem. There is an annual system of self-limitation of catches so that excess fishing does not produce depletion of marine species. The total catch is set by the Ministry of Fisheries and Agriculture based on a scientific opinion from the Marine Research Institute. Each boat is assigned a part of the total quota. The main objective of the government is to ensure the sustainability of marine resources for the common good of the entire Icelandic community.

Drying treatment

The cod go in search of their spawning places near the coasts where they are caught. In the boat the cod is processed, eviscera, bleeds and stays with ice to be as cool as possible to reach port.

Once in the port, the specimens are classified according to their size and quality, then they are disintegrated and the pre-salting process begins, which consists of injecting a salt solution and submerging it in a gentle brine to homogenize the salting, finishing this process by applying salt Fat on the cod for at least 6 weeks. This particular treatment of salt cod is called “half cure” or “green cod”.

Desalting process

Once we receive the cod in our facilities we submit it to a desalting process to be able to consume it, which consists of putting it to soak in water without lime and at 4 degrees of temperature for 3 or 4 days, depending on the thickness, making water changes 8 hours, then we have it for about 4 hours to finish releasing the water and finally we pack it in a tray where we inject a mixture of inert gases that contain carbon dioxide and nitrogen that allow to keep the cod perfectly fresh during 21 days.

Cod nutrition

Cod is low in fat with low sugar content and is rich in proteins of high biological value that are easily assimilated by our body. It contains a large number of vitamins B1, B2, B6 and B9, all of them have important functions that allow the use of ethical nutrients, it is also equipped with
minerals as important as potassium, calcium and fluoride, all of them very beneficial for the proper functioning of our body.

**** Producto congelado
*** Producto fresco
** Envasado en gas inerte