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The cattle that produce our meat belong to high dairy breeds, such as the Friesian breed, the Danish red breed or the Simmental breed, between the ages of 5 and 7. Your diet contains in a way balanced dry matter, proteins, fiber, water, vitamins and minerals.


These dairy cows require specific doses of energy and protein to be able to offer a good productive dairy and meat yield. Our cattle feed on rich-fiber pastures and are supplemented with concentrates composed of barley, corn, sorghum, rice or wheat depending on the existing crops in each region.

Meat selection

In   Trasacar   we have qualified people in the most prestigious breeding farms throughout Europe, who make an exhaustive selection of beef cattle where we only acquire cattle that contain meats with good infiltrated fat to ensure tenderness, juiciness and flavor.

PH and maturation
The management that is carried out with the cattle in the final section before the sacrifice has great influence on the quality of the meat; the reserve of energy of the muscles at the time of sacrifice must be adequate for these muscles can be transformed into a meat especially tender.

If this reserve is low because the animals have suffered a stress with some intensity for a long period of time or due to a lack of balanced nutrition in the last days of life, it will cause a lack of lactic acid and consequently the muscular PH will not descend up to normal values, resulting in a PH above the value 7.

In the case that the handling is correct, meat with PH below 7 will be obtained. These meats mature and are much better preserved since there is less development of bacteria and decreases the capacity of water retention in the meat.

Maturation consists of the transformation of muscle into flesh through a series of biochemical processes. In this process the proteins are broken and substances that contribute to the improvement of the meat’s juiciness and tenderness are released. It must be borne in mind that if this process is prolonged in excess the putrefaction of the meat takes place and this stops being suitable for consumption since it loses all its qualities; in the case of cattle over 6-8 years old, the optimum maturation time is 20-25 days after slaughter.

Animal welfare

Animal welfare can be defined as the state of mental and physical health of an animal in harmony with the environment, it is shown that the meat of cattle that have had optimal welfare conditions give rise to a high quality meat.

Therefore, it is necessary to apply the proper management techniques in the farms so that consumers enjoy meat that offers all kinds of guarantees.

Food safety
Vaccine diseases are generally associated with low levels of sanitary safety and lack of hygiene in facilities or workplaces, so it is necessary to develop a global health plan where vaccinations are vitally important, all controlled by veterinarians.

The sanitary-hygienic quality is fundamental since the meat is a food that can not contain residues of pesticides, hormones or antibiotics that can pose a risk to the health of the consumer.

Nutrition of meat
The consumption of beef not only provides a large amount of essential proteins for the body but also are accompanied by essential amino acids. These substances are indispensable for the growth, the defenses and the regeneration of the tissues.

The muscle of cattle contains water (75%) protein (18%) lipids (5%) and in a lesser proportion other components such as sugars, amino acids and minerals such as iron or zinc.

Family farms
Most of the small family farms in the EEC environment are grouped into livestock associations whose partners are the owners, these associations operate as companies, therefore they must be profitable to survive, so the farmers are very well informed in terms of assistance sanitary, carrying out embryo transfer, artificial insemination, breed crosses to find better milk and meat production results, thus optimizing all resources to be competitive and make a small livestock farm profitable.

Selected cuts of Senior Vaccine

Selected cuts of Angus Black

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